The Hackney Hotel & Functions

We Love New Wines

We all love a glass of wine or three on a cold Winters Night, so following the release of our new menu, we decided it was time to change up our wine list too!
We’re welcoming some delicious new tables, as well as keeping everyones old favourites too!

Although we’ve changed up some of the whites, Winter is really all about those amazing Reds and so far, everyones tastes are gravitating towards ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ 2015 McLaren Vale Shiraz, and it’s really no surprise!

” The Shiraz is a real standout variety from this vintage, exhibiting an abundance of vibrant red fruits and spice, with exceptional colour, richness and balance. “

With an array of new varieties on board from legendary Vineyards including Mollydooker, St Hallett, Penfolds and Henscke.. Just to name a few.. You’ll love a few glasses with your next meal with us!

Check out the entire selection here