The Hackney Hotel & Functions

How we’re working with Small Business

Here at The Hackney, we love small business.. Where we can, we hold supply chains with local business, we’re forever seeking new partnerships and more than anything we love helping small businesses put together their functions and events.

Mark Riccuito, one of the partners of the hotel holds this value close to his heart “I come from a small country town, in small country towns it’s easy to come to Adelaide and spend your money in the big smoke, but lots of people will give the locals the first opportunity, and if they can do the same job, at a similar price obviously we’ll look after them”… and our commitment to those values translates into helping local businesses with their functions.

We understand tough times,  the roadworks out the front of the hotel have been by no means easy, but as Roo says, it’s still business as usual, and we’re more dedicated than ever to giving business a fair go!

We strive to be the place that understands small business, and their needs! Functions with us, there’s no surprises, our rooms are all fitted with the latest and greatest AV and facilities, and when you book with us, none of those things will appear on your bill after the event. Our giant carpark is and always will be free parking which is a huge benefit if you have a big event, your guests aren’t expected to search for parks, nor will they ever have to pay!

What are we getting at? Simple! We want to help you continue to hold your meetings, entertain your staff and enjoy some of the perks of running a business, but it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Our functions team are always ready to take your call (or your email) and discuss with you how to put together an event that fits your budget, we’ll also do the hard yards to make sure the planning is simple, and fits your schedule!

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